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How to Buy Foosball

Shipping and Payment Terms - We ship your parcel within 3 days when you confirm the order. If you paid the full amount in advance you can avail a special discount of 5 % on all Foosball Tables. If you opt for payment on delivery we recommend you to make a Demand Draft in Favor of --- New Rainbow Emporium ICICI Bank Branch Code - ICIC0000784 Account Number 078405000141 so that delivery boy deliver you the parcel immediately. You can also Track your parcel from Our Website.

Returning Policy - We know that a Foosball is a big purchase for your family, and we want to be certain it lives up to your expectations and we want to be certain it lives up to your expectations. That's why we offers a 10-day money back guarantee, letting you trial your Foosball at home risk free. Why do we do this? Because we sells direct to the public and doesn't have expensive retail locations, it's not always possible to view a Foosball before purchasing. We therefore provide a 10 day money back guarantee to ensure you are satisfied with the overall quality of the product and are happy with your decision. We guarantee that if it doesn't meet your quality expectations, and your family is not happy with it, you can send it back - no questions asked. We'll refund your purchase after deducting your freight both ways. Why can we do this? Because we have thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased under our 10-day money back guarantee, and we haven’t yet had a Foosball returned ! Naturally, there are some terms and conditions which are listed below. If you need clarification on any of these conditions, please call our friendly team on +91-98729-85858

1. General - Please read and understand these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions are supplementary to Jumpking International Terms and Conditions of Sale and do not replace them. We are unable to customize these terms.
2. Purchase - The 10-day money back guarantee applies to all new Foosball Table purchased and paid for in full, prior to shipping.
3. 10-day Money Back Trial Period - The 10 day money back guarantee period commences from the date Jumpking International dispatches the goods to you. The Return Date means the date by when the Goods are to be received by us and is 10 days after the date of Dispatch. If you choose to return the product, you must allow for sufficient time so that the Goods reach us on or before the Return Date.
4. “As New Condition” Charges - If you wish to return the Foosball Table for a refund and fail to return Any Goods ordered in the same condition as sent, we will deduct the costs required to refurbish the product to "as new" condition from the refund amount. This includes all packaging, so ensure all packaging is kept in “as new” condition.
5. Size Changes - We will assist you prior to purchase to determine the best size for your family. Customers wishing to change the size of their Foosball during the 10-day trial period may do so. However, in this instance, freight is not covered by Jumpking International.
Where a customer seeks to change to a different sized product then the following shall apply:
1. The total time period of the trial shall not exceed the original 10-day period as measured from the original dispatch date
2. Jumpking International reserves the right to charge shipping costs
6. Customer Obligations:
1. Jumpking International's 10 day money back guarantee is designed to ensure customers are satisfied with the overall quality of the product. This is generally because Jumpking International sell direct to the public, and in some instances it's not possible for customers to view the product prior to purchase. It is under these circumstances that the 10 day money back / product satisfaction guarantee is offered.
2. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your Foosball Table and choose to return the Table, it must be returned within 10 days of date of dispatch. If the Foosball is returned outside of the return date window, Jumpking International reserves the right to reject the return, or deduct all delivery costs from any refund agreed.
3. The Foosball must be returned in “As New” condition. If the Foosball is returned with any fault (s) , or fails to be in “As New” condition, you will be charged to cover the costs of returning the goods to ”As New” condition.
4. Prior to returning the Foosball, you must contact a Customer Services representative and advise you are returning the Foosball. 5. Once you have advised you are returning the Foosball, We will organize pick up of your Foosball, and advise of any instructions.
7. Jumpking International Obligations:
1. If you choose to return the Foosball within the 10 day window, Jumpking International will refund your full purchase price, Excluding to and fro delivery (except in some circumstances outlined above). For an questions/clarifications regarding this policy, please contact our customer services personnel at 91-98729-85858 or write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it